Two Years In The Rescue Center, Then A Miracle Happens To This Dog, She Cries With Joy!

To see any doggie rescued is a marvelous thing, but to see that rescued doggie stuck in the rescue center is pretty hard and equally as sad! Pakita was dropped off at Argentina’s El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita after they found her wandering the streets and this is how her story started…

She was taken into the rescue center by the volunteers, unfortunately, she remained there for two long years.

Over the time she was there she grew increasingly depressed and longed to find a loving home to go to, all the time the chances of adoption grow smaller and smaller.

Many people pass over her and instead choose younger doggies, if only they could see what a lovely dog she would make and how much love she had to give, its like there was a reason she had to stay there almost!

The volunteers at the rescue center really tried their hardest to find a home, but no luck they decided to get some pictures of her and appeal to Facebook, to hopefully get people interested in her and someone to adopt her!

rescue center

It really wasn’t going to be an easy task and every til they tried to take a photo of her she would look scared and cower away from the camera, they just struggled so much to get a good photo of her.

Eventually, with lots of patience, the got a good photo, it even looked a little like she was smiling.

Ferrayra, from the rescue center, said:

“Immediately, we get a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!”

The woman explained that her son, Ariel Naveria, never dreamed that he would see her ever again, so when she showed up at the rescue center to see if she really was his dog, Pakita needed a little persuasion that he was her human, for real!

rescue center

When she came out to see her long-lost owner she was hesitant, she hid behind one of the rescuers, she sneaked out to sniff and see what was going on, then as she gets closer to him, you can see that moment when she realizes it’s her owner!

That precise moment is really amazing, she begins to cry and whimper she is completely taken over by joy and happiness, she can’t stop giving him kisses!

She rolls over or a belly rub and she is so excited, you can hear all the noises she makes, then she wants more belly rubs, no one has ever seen her so happy!

rescue center

Pakita is ecstatic she is so happy, barking and crying with joy like she really is crying tears of happiness and joy, everyone in the background is saying how great these moments are…

Get your tissues out when you watch the lovely reunion below:

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