Two-week-old puppies screaming in pain ‘dumped’ at vet office

In a disturbing and heartbreaking report from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC earlier this week, three puppies, estimated to be no more than two-weeks-old were literally “dumped” at the reception desk of one of the organization’s Georgia partner veterinarian offices.

The defenseless little ones were described as screaming in pain.

Besides having been much too young to be separated from their mother, the puppies were crawling with maggots and covered with deeply infected gashes over their tiny bodies.

“We are in shock and disbelief at how these two week old puppies could have endured such abuse to the point of near death,” Stacey posted on the organization’s Facebook page.  

There were 3 puppies and one has already died, so now there are 2 fighting for their lives at this very moment. They have deep gashes all over their bodies, emaciated, skin infected and completely dehydrated with pale gums .They will need around-the-clock care to even have a chance at survival.”

According to Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, one of the puppies died during the evening; the best that could be done was to try and save the other two.

Early Wednesday, the two remaining puppies, now dubbed Napoleon and Ceaser, remained in critical condition as they continued to fight to survive the abuse, most likely they have been suffering since the day they were born.

The medical team has been able to cleanse their wounds, and were able to destroy the maggot infestation ravaging their  bodies; the little guys are still listed as critical.

“The little ones are resting comfortably now,” posted Stacey on the organization’s Facebook page. “The deep infected gashes remain on their little bodies, and they are being treated with medication and laser treatments.”

As the two puppies continue to capture the hearts of the staff and all who meet them at the veterinarian hospital, their tiny little cries of fear and pain have slowly disappeared.

Cuddled together, bellies full,  free from parasites and receiving lots of love, Napoleon and Ceaser settle in for a good night’s rest.

The puppies have a long, uphill battle. Donations are needed to help with the costs.

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(Photos and video of dumped puppies screaming in pain courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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