Two puppies At The Brink Of Death, It was even Worse – A Scary New Epidemic!

We hear more and more often in these modern troubled times about people overdosing on drugs, but this story is even more troubling than this, especially for these two gorgeous puppies…

Two puppies came into the Cleveland Animal Protection League and straight away the staff there saw a potential problem, something was really not right!

The first of the puppies the vet saw was a mess, he was on the edge of passing away, so close it was unbelievable, the owners thought that he had contracted a virus.

It was even worse than this though, as they examined him they came to a conclusion quite quickly that he had been the victim of a new epidemic ‘opioid abuse’.

The poor little pup was overdosing on heroin…


The vet, called Natalie Saluppo explains in more detail:

December 29, 2017 “The puppy was laying on his side, excessively drooling, tongue kind of hanging out, panting a lot.”

All the normal treatment they use were not having any effect at all, all signs were pointing to an opioid overdose, the vet administered Narcan…

Narcan is an amazing drug that is an overdose reversal drug, its used to help animals wake up after anesthesia in situations when this is needed.

Without this the pup would have certainly died, it saved his life!

No more than one day later another puppy was brought in, just the same symptoms, do you know what was wrong with him?

Yes, another overdose of heroin! The vets saved him with Narcan too, thank goodness!

Natalie said: “It shows you how far the epidemic has gone.”

The staff are well experienced and now fully prepared to tackle these cases in the future with even more urgency as the scary epidemic is getting worse all the time!

The following video is a little upsetting as you will see animals in distress, so if your sensitive or don’t want to see an animal in distress then you might prefer not to watch the video.

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