Two Dogs Thrown Onto The Highway Full Of Fast Moving Cars – One Of Them Died!

We quite often talk about situations where people abandon their dogs by pushing them out of a vehicle, but this one instance is like no other, it’s just incredibly cruel and pretty unsafe to say the least, not just to the dogs but to the safety of others too…

Two dogs were abandoned by throwing them out onto a public highway, among all the high speed traffic, one of the dogs a breed called a lurcher died straight away, several cars hit the poor dog.

The other dog, a breed of Jack Rusell, called Tarmax, with a huge stroke of luck managed to make it to the side of the road without being hit at all.

Tarmax is currently safe and happy with a foster family, he was rescued by one of the drivers and given over to the rescue association called the RSPCA.

A spokesperson for the charity said that what happened to the two dogs was an ‘absolutely outrageous’ act of terrible cruelty.

The highway was a complete mess of cars after the incident, it caused complete chaos, the whole highway has a speed restriction until everything could be sorted out again.

The rescue association has started their own investigation because of the death of the first dog, which appeared to have been thrown out of the window.

Peter Warne, animal welfare officer, said:

“This is an absolutely outrageous thing for someone to have done. The danger that this act put not only the dogs in, but also the many people traveling on the road at that time, is just appalling.”

“Witnesses who I have spoken to so far did not get a clear description of the vehicle that the dogs were thrown on to the carriageway between junctions 20 and 19 of the major motorway”

“…however, I am appealing to anybody else who may have seen what happened to get in touch with us so we can investigate and try to find the person or people responsible.”

“It is terribly sad the lurcher dog did not survive and was killed in such a horrific way – it seems this poor dog’s death was instant due to the speed that the vehicles were traveling at.”

“However, I’d like to say a big thank-you to those drivers who were able to safely slow down and help to catch the dog, and the person who waited with him until I arrived. ‘Those people almost certainly saved this dog’s life.’”

The vet checked the Jack Russel over, thankfully he was all ok, he suffered no injuries from the whole affair, he really was a lucky dog!

Tarmax will have his second chance and we wish this lucky little dog the best start to his new life, we hope he is adopted quickly.

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