Mother And Daughter Dog Were Separated, A Specialist Is Called To Reunite Them – I Was Bawling!

Separating two doggies is a hard thing to do, hard on them and usually the people around them too, it’s their bond that endures to the point of pain almost, when they have been, for some reason, separated, nothing better illustrates this than these two beagles…

They were only separated for just a few short days, but to them is was practically forever!

Penny and Sarah were their names and they are mother and daughter, they really couldn’t hold back their pure excitement when they were reunited again!

Recently the two of them have had their lives turned upside down, completely an utterly.

Sadly, an elderly man over in New Jersey died and he left a small family of beagles behind, all now without a home…

There was four of them and they had been living in a housing built for them in the man’s yard, the rescuers said that it looked like they hadn’t ever been permitted to go inside the house, at all!

You could really tell though that these doggies had really formed a strong bond with each other.

The man had a family, but they really didn’t want to take on the dogs, so when animal services came they only found Penny and Buster in the housing, they thought the puppies had been given away!

But, unfortunately, he had some health issues and had to be taken to the animal hospital for treatment, while Penny when to the refuge, the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Center.

Penny really seemed down in the mouth…

Frannie D’Annunzio from the Ramapo-Bergen said:

“Penny was super lonely in the shelter without Buster… She was put with other dogs, but she was just so sad.”

Little did they know that the puppies thought to have been given away had actually escaped not long before the rescuers turned up!

Sarah, Penny’s daughter was captured and taken to the shelter, the doggies were ecstatic to see each other, it was a tearjerker of a reunion!

Penny was just in the process of being adopted so they let the adoption proceed as planned originally, they thought that it may well all be alright, but after two days Penny ran away!!

D’Annunzio said that it broke her heart, they called a famous person, a woman called Nicole Asher, who was a famous dog catcher and founder of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery, as it happens!

Nicole made a special feeding station in the woods for Penny, where if she returned she would be trapped and recovered.

Penny was a really hard one, she was scared and very nervous, anyone that approached her would scare her away almost immediately!

Nicole wrote:

“Penny’s capture was difficult due to lack of sightings… She was traveling the woods of the Painted Forest and her coloring blended in perfectly with the leaves and landscape … I had her in my trap only to have her spooked off by a well-meaning person driving by slowly while out looking for her.”

Nicole had a real battle of wits on her hands with Penny, so clever and so hard to catch…

She said:

“We watched Penny go in and out of her trap,” D’Annunzio added. “She was so smart. She didn’t want to be caught.”

Sarah, her daughter was fretting and waiting back in the shelter for her mom, she must have been quite confused about where on earth she had gone, Sarah really became quite depressed.

The shelter said:

“When Penny was still missing, I said to our executive director, ‘When we get Penny back, they should be together.'”

Finally, all the hard work was going to pay off, a local resident also helped out and reported what they saw of Penny at a feeding station close to them.

Nicole said:

“She’s a smart, funny girl and being able to watch her on video offered much comic relief through the frustration and exhaustion.”

The very next day Penny was returned to the shelter, safely captured and now able to be reunited with her daughter, the reunion brought everyone to tears!

D’Annunzio said:

“I was bawling …They were kissing each other’s faces.”

“The depression literally ended once they saw each other.”

The shelter posted on Facebook:

“We have decided that Penny and Sarah will now stay together …and when they do find their forever home, it will be as a pair.”


Sarah’s sibling is still missing, sadly not found, but Nicole is trying her best to help to find her and catch her, fingers crossed!

As for Penny and Sarah they are having a little time to settle down then eventually they will be hopefully adopted, together of course, and they will be a great team!


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