Two Dogs Chained Up In An Empty Basement, Then Another Surprise In The Attic

We really are beginning to believe, as the expression, that fact is really stranger than fiction, at least in this case we certainly think it is…

A supervisor for a building department was doing some property inspections on some rental property, around two weeks ago…

He came across one particular home that had two dogs tied together, in the basement of that building, but there is more…

To make it even worse still, there was no water for any of them, equally, there was no food either and they were really dirty and in a really bad state!

It was very clear that this was highly inappropriate for the dogs, and quite unacceptable too, they were quite clearly suffering and something needed to be done.

The guy decided that the only course of action was to call the police and hope that they would know what to do.

The Police officers from the Newburgh Heights Police Department thankfully came as fast as they could to call, really fast!

… they were really taken back by what they actually found inside the house:

The two older dogs, pit bulls, had been kept in the basement and on the very sale leash, it was tied tightly around a pole, they have mere inches to move!

The basement smelled like you could not imagine at all, pungent and filthy, no food or water, certainly no toys, beds or anything else.

They then looked in the attic, that was where they found the two pit bull pups, they only had a really small cage, but again no food or water in sight anywhere, it was far too hot up there for them, awful!

As the police officers searched the rest of the property they also found a guy who lived there, Dion Harris.

Dion said to them that the dogs were not his, he also said that he was not even aware that they were still in the house, we don’t feel too convinced, do you?

The officers took the dogs from the house, they really couldn’t stay there, their only chance of survival was to be rescued.

… then all four dogs really did seem so grateful to at last be free, and also to have some space to move around and fresh air to breathe!

The Cleveland Animal Protective League took all of them in and they were all cared for and really well checked for problems and diseases.

One had a case of heartworm but apart from that, they were not in bad health, pretty lucky considering how they were found!

Staff at the shelter thought up some great names for them Elaine, Louise, Phineas, and Candace.

Jasmine Grays and Harris someone else that had been living in that same house at the time, were both charged with four counts of animal cruelty…

The dogs really adjusted to their life in the shelter without hesitation, they were really delighted to have so much space around them.

Now, at last, they can run and play chase until their hearts are content until they are adopted and finally they have the second chance they deserve.

… and Louise, Phineas, and Candace have very much so been adopted and going to their forever homes.

Elaine is still in recovery from heartworms but happy in a foster home, when she is healthy, then she will be put up for adoption too, to find her lovely and loving forever family as quickly as possible.

What do you think ?