Two Dogs Abandoned, Starved, Tied To A Post, They Refuse To Give Up On Each Other!

Many of you may have felt like you were destined to be with another special person, but is it really all that different for doggies, well it seems not for Philip and Dade, two doggies together…

We don’t know for sure how the two dogs feel or even what life was like for them on the streets after they were abandoned together in Oregon, but we do know what we can see between them!

Thier bodies do show the telltale signs of their past, the heartbreaking toile of the mistreatment they must have suffered, the neglect that befell them every day!

They were really in such desperate condition, but in the face of this, it began to become obvious that something mattered to the two of them above all else, each other!

Perhaps even more important, the rescuers in the rescue center noticed and kept the pair together, thankfully.


The county animal service in Multnomah County was alerted by an anonymous caller to advise them about Philip and Dade, someone had a conscience, or they had a guardian angel!

Officer Sophia Condon found the two dogs, abandoned with only each other and tied to a pole, she gained their trust I think they somehow realized that she was there to help them.

Dade had short hair and this made him look even thinner, even though they were both in the same awful condition. Phillip, a poodle mix, was a little fluffier, all be it matted and uncared for, both delicate and desperately in need!

Sophia said:

“They both looked so uncomfortable and defeated.”


After that, they were rushed to the animal hospital where they received the care they desperately needed, as they evaluated each of the dogs they could really see their strong bond together.


The Vet, Becca Falender, said:

“From the moment they entered our emergency room, it was clear that these two had a special bond,” veterinarian Becca Falender told The Dodo. “Our entire hospital staff was touched by the strong connection that these two dogs shared.”

Even as Phillip was taken to be shaved, Dade had to go with him, he just wouldn’t let his pal go alone.


The vet assistant, Lorri Schinderle, said:

“I get teary just thinking about Dade’s worried expression when he walked into the room looking for Phillip …They were so attached. You can tell that they were meant to be together. Dade didn’t leave Phillip’s side, and he wouldn’t stop kissing him and loving him.”

Quite quickly, with good care and a little love, Phillip looked like a completely different dog!

They had endured many years of neglect, but now it looks like they have an excellent future together. After a few short weeks to get Phillip’s ailments better, he will be ready for adoption.

The two of them really have a world of new amazing experience ahead of them!


Sophia said:

“Once everyone was done with exams and shaved, they got to just take a breather and hang out together before we loaded up and headed back to our shelter.”

Finding a hole for a dog is never an easy task, not with everything against you, but two dogs, they all prayed and hoped at the rescue center that a kind person would take them together.

Sophia said that they were inseparable and even kept them in the same kennel.


It wasn’t too long before Phillip and Dade really had their dreams come to life, a woman had heard about them, and their story, and came to give them both a loving home together with her, how amazing…


They are both putting on the weight they need to be healthy and stay happy and are both completely loved by their owner, they are so sweet.

The new owner, Jennifer, said:

“They’re doing really well …They usually sleep together in the same bed every night, even though there’s another bed right next to it.”

Phillip and Dade really couldn’t have hoped for a ‘more perfect’ ending to their story, well done both of you.

Falender from the animal hospital expressed her hope that they would stay together after they left the hospital, and the hope certainly was true hope, it came true!

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