60 year old tumbles and falls off train platform, but guide dog miraculously saves his life!

Cecil Williams, a 60 year-old man, fell from a train platform onto the tracks early one morning – his guide dog, Orlando, sprang into action.

It’s no question that dogs are the most loyal companions, but how far will they go for their owners? For one man, his dog went above the call of duty as a seeing-eye dog, saving his life after years of dedicated service.

Cecil Williams was waiting for a train to go visit his doctor when he began to feel ill. According to witnesses, around 9:30 a.m., Williams lost his balance and Orlando, his black lab guide dog, desperately tried to keep him on the platform.

Despite Orlando’s desperate efforts, Williams tumbled onto the tracks below.

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Williams, who has been blind since 1995, has been accompanied by Orlando his guide dog for nearly a decade. Williams had this to say about Orlando’s dedication in an interview:

“He’s [Orlando] done work for eight straight years, taking me through New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and everywhere, so for him it’s time to retire.”

The moment Williams fell onto the tracks, Orlando was right by his side, barking frantically and trying to urge Williams to move. Witnesses tried calling for a help but an express train was already barreling down the tracks. What happened next will shock you.

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Orlando managed to rouse Williams by licking his face. Thankfully, a transportation worker on site alerted Williams to the train coming, telling the pair to keep their heads down and stay between the rails.

One and a half train cars passed over Williams and Orlando before the train came to stop. Miraculously, the pair were mostly unharmed, despite for some scrapes and the shock of the whole ordeal.

“Things like this don’t happen for everybody,” said Williams, getting emotional. “I appreciate the people who got together and was there to help me keep Orlando.”

Donations were made to Williams so that he could keep. Orlando and even get a younger guide dog, so that Orlando can retire in peace. For the full video of William’s heart-melting reaction, check out the link below.

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