Tragic incident leaves 3 dogs dead at AKC dog show

Questions surround tragedy at AKC Dog Show in Iowa

A tragic incident outside of a dog show in Ottumwa, Iowa, resulted in the death of three dogs.

According to KTVO News, on Saturday, someone left four dogs inside of a vehicle which was parked in the 100 block of Church Street, near Bridge View Center – by the time that the situation was discovered, two of the dogs were dead and two were suffering from the extreme heat inside of the car.

One of the surviving dogs was transported to a veterinarian for emergency care but the damage from the intense heat proved to be ultimately fatal – the fourth dog survived.

The American Kennel Club All Breeds Dog Show was being held at the Bridge View Center over the weekend and the authorities believe that the dogs left inside of the parked vehicle had been part of the dog show.

3 Dogs dead in Iowa

Unfortunately, police in Ottumwa were not alerted to the concerning situation until the day after it happened – the person who left the dogs in the vehicle is believed to have left town before the authorities heard about the incident.

According to Ottumwa Radio, investigators have determined that the dogs were in the care of a handler, rather than their owner, on Saturday.

Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew told the Des Moines Register that the investigation has been complicated because most of the witnesses had left town by the time that the police were involved.

The investigation into this tragedy continues – as of Tuesday, no arrests had been made. Individuals with information are asked to reach out to Ottumwa Police Officer Jeff Williams by calling 641-683-0661.

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