Tourist Concerned By Crying Noise Saves This Stray Pup From Death

A woman far away from home, actually from Pennsylvania, was determined to pick herself up and took the trip of a lifetime, she was determined to get over her not so nice breakup. In more that one way she found her escape and her salvation!

Jessica Haltzman said: – “I wanted to do something that would allow me to become more independent” … “I decided that after my AmeriCorps year of service was finished I would travel.”

Jessica was learning about tree conservation techniques and was in India with a group called ‘Sadhana Forest’. She Said: – “I decided that would be the perfect place to start…”

Staying, like most, in a hostel in New Deli she was around midway through her planned journey when to her surprise she heard a noise, a crying noise, she immediately went to investigate, rushing outside to look around.

As she scrambled around outside homing in on the noise she heard, she discovered a tiny puppy, laying in the street next to the hostel it was that she realized…

Jessica said:

“I knew at that moment I needed to save his life.”

Without needing any more thought Jessica scooped up the tiny pup, it was very apparent that he was in pain and injured in some way, she ran up and down the streets looking to find a vet, until at last, she found a ‘tuk-tuk’ driver who knew where there was a vet!

The poor little one had two broken hips as well as infected wounds, while the vet wrapped up^his legs in plaster casts Jessica searched out a pet shop, she dashed around and bought everything she thought she might need for the pup.

Jessica looked back on what happened and admitted that she was immensely stressed, and it was another responsibility and more stress to complete her journey with the puppy, and how was she even going to travel with the puppy?

Jessica planned ahead, of course, she canceled her flight to Nepal and booked a bus in its place, just to bring her newfound pal. She very studiously found out what she needed to do and got the puppy all his shots he needed to travel with her.

She called the sweet little puppy Delhi, like the city where she rescued him, she really did feel compelled to care for Delhi and take him with her, what an awesome person, don’t you think?

Jessie traveled on and on, all the time Dehli right by her side, partners in crime; so to speak… from Dehli to Kathmandu, in Nepal, then 24 hours later they were there!

Jessica said:

“Delhi was a perfect boy and slept the entire time and had no accidents, he was a perfect angel.”

Quite quickly is was completely obvious that Jessica and Delhi were made for each other, they both adore being together and traveling alongside each other seeing new places and new people.

“He has charmed everyone he has met and has made so many human friends”

After Delhi has recuperated and recovered a little more Jessica is going to travel to Thailand together, that’s where mom is meeting her to take Delhi home to the USA ready for when she has finished her travels, and to give Delhi some more time to rest and grow….

Jessica said that:

“Luckily my mom is meeting me in Thailand. She is going to fly Delhi back to the USA while I continue my travels till the end of February” … “My mom will be watching him till I get back. He is going to be the most spoiled dog.”

When Jessica gets back to the USA she will already be planning the next journey, but this tile her lovely Delhi will be accompanying her every step of the way.

For starters, they will be moving from Pennsylvania to Seattle, Washington.

“He will be my adventure pup as I love to hike,” she said. “We will be hiking a lot in Washington and all over the U.S. I hope to travel again with him internationally.”

Jessica wants to raise awareness of street dogs all around the world, and of course she is going to start her own dog shelter too, how awesome, she firmly believes that she was absolutely mean to find Dehli that day, it was a sign! Let’s do our bit to help her out and share this story far and wide!

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