Tortured And Abused Puppy With Ears Cut Off, Desperate Search For His Abuser!

Mutilation if no joke at all, and quite frankly I don’t know how anyone could do such a thing but undoubtedly it happens, sadly. A man from Oklahoma is determined to find a local animal abuser after a three-month-old puppy was found with no ears.

Matt Niksch flipped out when he found out that, Rocky, a mix breed of retriever, named by rescuers, because of his fight for life, had such a terrible thing done to him!

Niksch said: – “We’re coming …We’ll find you. I mean, if it takes money to find you, we’ll find you.”

Kaylee Doonkeen found the poor pup crying in her yard last week, being an Oklahoma City resident also, she was shocked and deeply sad about it…

He was completely abandoned, but even worse than that he had no ears at all, what a painful terrible thing to do to him, they realized that his suffering was even worse than they thought.

abused puppy

She said:

“He looked like his ears were folded back.”

Both the pups ears had been cut off right to the scalp, leaving raw and jagged wounds, it makes my toes curl just to think about it. The rescue team sought medical attention for him, the risk of infection was very significant!

Thankfully Rocky is on a course of antibiotics while he heals up and he is with a loving faster family to help him get back to health.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, Jon Gary, said:

“The ears were intentionally removed from the animal”

Niksch of Metro Appliance of Oklahoma City said that he vowed to find justice for the little pup, he has two dogs himself and says that it just makes him think about his two wonderful dogs have given him so much over the years, he is more determined than ever to hunt down Rock’s abuser!

He said:

“I’ll keep posting it on Facebook or … on my business Facebook — whatever — until they’re caught”

Offering a reward of $1,000 Niksch has shown the level of his resolve and how determined he is to help find the abuser of this pup, using his own money to help bring justice for the little pup, what a great guy!

PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien, said:

“Someone deliberately cut off this puppy’s ears, leaving him crying and in pain until he was found by police …PETA is calling on anyone who recognizes this dog or knows someone who has a similar-looking puppy to come forward immediately so that whoever mutilated this puppy can be stopped from hurting anyone else.”

This terrible act of callous torturous brutality could have cost the pup his life has rescuers not acted quickly, but happily, he is now safe in the foster home. Even better the dog has his hearing despite his awful injuries to his ears.

Gary says that when he is feeling better and has fully healed then, after a good few weeks he will look for a forever home and a loving family to look after him, love and care for him.

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