This man sobbed, looking at a torn-up pit bull. As the dog approached him, his heart broke

Dog fighting is a barbaric sport, but unfortunately it’s only getting more and more popular.

In July 2016, the American Humane Society organized a raid to rescue hundreds of dogs from the fangs of dog-fighting rings.

Of all the terrible cases these animal activists saw, one, in particular, has stayed with them: Stallone’s torn-up face.

Pit bull Stallone is just one dog among countless others who die slow and painful deaths when they’re pitted against one another in the arena.

The animals have no other choice: they’re trained to be gladiators; they fight to the death.

Stallone’s last moments are a heartbreaking reminder that these dogs aren’t born aggressive.

These “fighters” are really just normal dogs who need the same love and care as every other living thing.

You can see the goodness in his face.

pit bull

People who fight dogs are the lowest of the low.

Subjecting animals to this kind of brutality is sickening, yet this type of behavior sadly seems to be growing.

Unfortunately, the outcome for dogs like pit bull Stallone is slow and painful deaths as they are trained to fight one another.

That’s the reminder here, that Stallone wasn’t born to do this. And most are not born aggressive, but rather are trained to be this way and conditioned to accept aggressiveness as a positive attribute.

It’s so important not to forget his story — to try and prevent more like it!

His wounds shows the true nature of dog fighting:

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