Tiny Owl Offers Dog A Beautiful Pink Flower For Valentine’s Day !!!

Owl and Dog: As Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer, millions of people across our country are rushing to find the perfect present before it’s too late.

Some will choose an old favorite — the chocolate box sampler along with beautiful little Valentine’s Day cards, others will take their loved ones out to a dinner and a nice movie, and a few precious romantics will give the always lovable stuffed animals.

But the all-time most famous gift to give your loved one on Valentine’s Day will be the legendary bouquet of flowers. This timeless classic has long been used to show someone your appreciation and love, and it seems like that fact is well known in the animal kingdom as well!

That’s because this adorable tiny little owl has decided to give her friend the dog a beautiful little gift: a single pink flower!

We just love how the big dog keeps sleeping even though he has a particularly cute little owl standing right on top of him.

The woman filming this hilarious video mentioned how this owl always liked giving her little presents from time to time, so she figured it was worth trying to teach the owl to give people and animals this flower.

It took a bit of effort to finally train the little bird how to properly give a gift, but in the end, she figured it all out. What a great Valentine’s Day gift for everyone!

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