Tied To A Piece Of Wood Trying To Stay Afloat, Brave Pup Hangs On For Life

Some might say it’s their worst nightmare to think about drowning, but for our beloved dogs the thought is simply unbearable, this young dog had just that nightmare to contend with…

In a remote part of the Canal in Rome, New York, this doggie, young and scared, held on for dear life to a log she was tied to.

She had been abandoned there, luckily for her, a passerby saw her and reported it to animal control, so she could be rescued.

She is a shepherd-husky mix, now called River, and when the officer arrived to help her, she discovered that she was intentionally tied to the wood, with her own leash.

The officer untied the knot in the leash and took her to the Central New York SPCA (CNY SPCA), they handle animal cruelty cases and neglect cases in the local district.

Dee Schaefer, from the CNY SPCA, said:

“The log was partially submerged in the water and she was hanging on to the log with her front feet, and her head propped up …That whole area is under a flash flood watch. It’s a low-lying area, but had she not been taken out before this past weekend, she probably would have drowned.”

River, according to the rescuers was desperate for attention, she craved love and hugs, the poor girl…

Dee said:

“She was nervous when she arrived, but she’s really come out of her shell in the last two days that she’s been here. She’s an absolutely wonderful dog. Very, very sweet …I don’t think there’s anybody she’s met here that she hasn’t liked.”

At the precious age of one-year-old, River is a bouncing funball, ready to dive and bounce, playful and even after all she has been through, she is happy and full of trust for us humans.

Dee went on to say:

“When you pet her, she immediately just leans right into it …She’s also very interested in her surroundings, when she goes outside, she loves to sniff.”

The shelter workers wanted to find River the justice she deserved for what was done to her, and rightly so!

River, had no microchip and there were no clues as to her previous life either, the investigators publicised her picture in the local news, and then it happened, a tip came into the team.

Apparently, River’s owner had paid $50 to someone to get rid of her, both have been arrested and also charged with a Class A misdemeanor for animal abandonment, justice, at last, we hope!

Dee said:

“He just didn’t want the dog anymore, and instead of taking it to one of the two shelters in the area they decided to tie her up …He didn’t think he’d be in trouble because he didn’t actually do it.”

Since River has been fostered she has many more well-wishers and admirers too, Dee said they have had many phone calls from both…

The shelter is now doing their best to get the dog into her perfect home, to carefully match her into a perfect family for her.

This time they really want to be sure she is in the perfect forever home so she can have the life that she really deserves, good luck RIver!

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