Tied To A Tree, Severe Burns, See His Reaction To The Vet That Saved Him!

We often hear about cases where people have abandoned pets that they are unable to care for, but this case is more than then, where a pet is abandoned with painful burns, we really don’t have a clue how it got to this point that he was burnt like this then left…

This dog, called smokey, was discovered tied to a tree at a homeless camp in West Palm Beach, Florida. He had really awful burns on his body and the poor boy was very clearly stressed about the whole ordeal!

His rescuers freed him from his chains and took his, straight away to the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, where they gave him a thorough examination, he needed extensive medical treatment and lots of rest and recovery.

He was taken to the Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center and received multiple blood transfusions and regular bandage changes along with baths. He had treatments in a hyperbolic chamber to help reduce hi swelling too, from his burns all over his skin.

A huge thank you goes to the nurses and the vets at the JPESC, in just a few short weeks smokey was doing so much better than before.

He might be a while away from starting to trust people again, but he is on the road to recovery and has a great outlook on himself.

Smokey had a return visit and a check-up at eh JPESC, he also got to see the staff there again too, you can see him reunited with the vet that saved him in the video below…

Smokey’s reaction when he sees Dr. Latimer is amazing, he is so much beyond grateful for everything that was done for him, heartwarming, what a lovely happy ending to the story!

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