Three Pit Bull Puppies Saved From Man Trying To Sell Them Illegally !!

For me, there’s nothing more adorable than a newborn puppy. I would be so tempted to adopt him as soon as I picked him that I wouldn’t even question why or under what circumstances the puppy was being sold to me. Unfortunately, for a few people in Monterey County — and a few Pit bull puppies — that’s exactly what happened.

It’s not certain how many puppies were adopted in front of a Safeway store in the California county, but the SPCA and the police are urging those new puppy parents to contact the authorities. They say that those puppies just need to be with their siblings!

The county’s SPCA received a call about a strange man in front of the grocery, selling the Pit bull mix puppies. When they went to investigate the situation, they were shocked by what they found out.

According to California law, puppies must be eight weeks old before being adopted. These babies were only five weeks old, too young to be taken in. The man who was selling them illegally, who is believed to be homeless, was also lying to potential customers about their vaccinations. Some passersby unknowingly fell for the man’s ruse to make some money and adopted some of the adorable pups. Only three were left by the time the SPCA was alerted. Those three are safe and sound, and at the right time can be adopted by loving families!

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