Three Little Dogs Living In An Old Tire – Trying to Survive The Summer Heat

Human nature and dog nature in some ways are just the same, our instinct for survival is amazing, this is just the case with there clever doggies that found a clever place to hide from the sun!

It was a Saturday afternoon, and three little dogs were huddled together, they had found refuge in an unlikely but ingenious place.

They were abandoned and on their own, the three tiny little bundles had huddled inside an old tire from a vehicle, it was discarded and gave them a little shelter.

The tire was, of course, old and in bad condition, deflated and by the roadside, near an empty dead-end road in Muscoy, California, nearly underneath a freeway overpass.

In such a remote place like this, the likelihood of them getting noticed was really small, and the chances of surviving in heat were even less!

Things were about to take a turn for the better though as a driver who had taken a wrong turn spotted something, a matted white terrier on a pile of garbage.

Feeling that the animal really needed help, he called the Faith Easdale, a local dog rescuer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. Easdale gets this type of call all the time!

Faith Easdale said:

“We do this all the time …We see dogs dumped in underpasses, fields, canyons, freeways, you name it, and that area is one of the worst.”

“Hardly anyone would go there or even see these dogs, and even if they had seen them, they would have kept on going …They just don’t care. It’s an everyday occurrence.”

The site was visited by Cassandra Aldridge, a friend of Easdale, she saw the dog and in some the tire there were two more faces too!

They were so tired and moved lethargically they were really dehydrated so she just scooped up the whole tire into her car to whisk them to get treated.

Easdale then arrived and coaxed them from the car’s back seat, they were really scared, and gave them water, they were so thirsty!

Easdale said. said:

“I stroked their heads and let them know that they were OK, and then I put [them] one by one in a crate …They just were so lethargic that they didn’t even want to run. But they were all so happy to be in that crate huddled together.”

They were, at last, safe and could start to recover, the black poodle, who seemed to have been pregnant recently, wrapped her paws around the white dog holding on for life!

They rushed the dogs to the nearest vets and they were all looked at and treated there, they needed fluids and a name, they were called Michelin, Pirelli, and Kumho, all names of Tyres!

They had fleas and ticks and had patches of missing fur, but with a really good clean and a professional groom, things were looking brighter already!

Hedy Alison, office manager of Camino Pet Hospital, said:

“Pirelli and Kumho were both lactating, meaning they were still producing milk for puppies that were hopefully old enough to be weaned; Michelin was shut down and protective and is opening up as the days go by.”

“The girls are so loving and seem to feel like royalty with their new ’dos. Michelin is still too proud to wiggle his tail but we can see the light coming back to his eyes.”

Now all they need is to fully recuperate and find a forever home, so cute who on earth could have abandoned them?

Alison then said:

“The broken being mended takes time …These babies are worth it.”

What do you think ?