Thousands of ticks are removed from a scared rescue dog!

Rescue Dog Story: It’s hard to believe that anyone could ever hurt a dog. These animals love humans more than anything in the whole world.

So to think that there are actually humans out there who would intentionally bring sadness to a dog’s life is truly heartbreaking.

But thankfully, for every bad person out there, there are countless more good people who will do whatever it takes to ensure that these beautiful angels are given the lives that they truly deserve!

Little Blossom was one of those poor dogs who had been given a bad start. While not much is known about her life, one thing is certain: It couldn’t have been very good.

When a group of humans found her, she was covered in thousands of ticks who had sucked her blood so much that she only had days, if not hours, left to live before dying of blood loss.

Along with a chain around her tail, this poor creature had nothing to hope for.

But in just a few hours, after a painstaking surgery to remove every single tick. Along with a blood transfusion, we’re happy to say that Blossom has finally been given her chance to blossom!

And when you see what she’s up to these days, you would never even imagine what she’s gone through!

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Warning: While Blossom had a successful recovery and is now in a home filled with love. Her journey to get there might be disturbing to some of our viewers.

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