This is extremely sad – But It Will Inspire You!

It’s disturbing not to know how far we cause physical abuse over animals regardless of whether they feel extreme pain and scream for help.

There are videos directed by Eldad Hagar shows horrific treatment for dogs, but this rescue by Hope for Paws shows the sad and painful history of this dog.

Eldad received an urgent call from LA on Cloud9 an organization that provides assistance to homeless people and animals, immediately when he came to the rescue, he found a grotesque scene showing this dog cruelty.

The dog named Jordan name given by rescuers, was found with deep wounds and a cut leg.

They took the animal to be quickly saved by veterinarians, after many surgeries and with the right care Jordan improved gradually. Finally, the brave Jordan was adopted by Lisa Chiarelli who gave him a warm loving home.

Now he runs all the time even though it only has three legs, but for him the fun and freedom never ends.

So Eldad decided to show this video even if is hard to watch it, but this is a cry for help and attention so that we can save animals of these abuses and stop this from happening again.

WARNING: The video contains some disturbing and graphic content that some may find difficult to watch.