This Fawn ’s Mom Was Hit By A Truck, Then An Old Dog Did The Unthinkable !!!

This newborn fawn lost her mother in a car accident. If you live in a wooded area, you know that it’s all too common to see deer who didn’t make it across the road…

It’s quite difficult for baby animals to survive without their mothers, but sometimes in the wild we see things that defy explanation, such as a member from another species stepping in and taking over, like this fawn and old lab. This is one of my favorite magical examples of a mother’s love.

Is it so rare for animals to form mother-baby bonds outside of their species? We’ve found several examples of interspecies friendships that suggest otherwise!!

One precious orphaned fawn found a new mama in an old chocolate lab. Watch as the old lab nurses the baby back to health. Be sure to watch til the end — that’s my favorite part.

There’s not enough good news like this in the world.

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