This dog’s got skillz! Most humans couldn’t do this!

We’ve been walking the tightrope all week at work. Many of us have a complicated balancing act we have to do every weekday. This is Epic Dog Training

What to say? More important, what NOT to say.

Let’s hope we’re at least as successful as this pup.

That’s OK, though. Once we’ve done this balancing act for a few more hours today, we can hop off the tightrope into the weekend. Ahh, the weekend.

It’s Super Bowl weekend, too. Even more important, for dog lovers, it’s Puppy Bowl weekend. Puppies, y’all! Puppies!

Have a good weekend, and don’t ever get caught walking on a tightrope set too high. That could be dangerous!

This dog’s got skillz! Epic dog training

Most humans couldn’t do this… even with same dog training classes :))

Balancing is excellent for core strength and conditioning. If your dog is into sports or other forms of strenuous exercise, core strength can help your dog avoid injury and improve performance. It also, of course, helps your dog stay in good shape or improve overall strength and condition if your dog has suffered from an injury (such as losing a limb).

Improving balance might also help get your dog out if he or she manages to get up onto some kind of surface or ledge where balancing is necessary to remain steady. Your dog will also develop better jumping and landing skills if you practice balance on higher objects, and will likely learn about what can be safely handled.

This video will leave your jaw open 🙂

Doggies Care!



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