This Blind Jack Russell Terrier Knows Exactly How To Get Around His Home !!!

Terrier: A Seeing Eye dog is one of the greatest gifts that a visually impaired person could ever receive. Some of these people completely depend on their puppy companions to get around, and to live independently, without the constant help from other humans.

These pups go through rigorous training to become the eyes for a person who needs him or her, and not every guide dog student graduates. It simply isn’t easy to do the work that they do, but they are so absurdly loved and appreciated. But what happens when a puppy-Terrier can’t even see? He often has to learn to fend for himself. Of course, it helps when he or she has loving people to help on the journey, but ultimately, pups who have lost their sight depend upon themselves.

Watching this eyeless Jack Russell terrier make his way throughout his home is really incredible. They way he uses his other senses to easily get from one room to another is something that some humans with similar issues never master, or could never master without the help of a guide dog or other people. But this pup? He waltzes out of the bedroom with such confidence… and when he gets to the top of a tall staircase? Amazing.

Animals never cease to amaze me. They don’t know when they’re different, so they don’t let it affect their lives. We should all take note of this!

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