They Found A Dog Sitting On A Park Bench. Their Heart Sank Upon Closer Inspection

Most dogs enjoy taking a stroll through the park with their owners, relaxing under a shade tree and; of course, meeting other dogs. Yet, Polly was terrified at the park.

Polly’s owners used her to breed a litter of puppies.

Then they left her on a park bench in California shortly after.

Polly was scared and alone.

She was abandoned by her only family and didn’t know what to do. So Polly just sat there.

When her rescuers came to Polly’s aid, it was determined that she was only about three years old but she was also blind.

Polly didn’t have a very happy life so far.

Not only did she just give birth to a litter of puppies, Polly showed signs of neglect. She was hungry, starved for affection and had a treatable skin disease.

Her foster family is treating Polly with love and compassion and also a very delicious treat.

Watch the video below to see how Polly reacts to the special attention she’s getting with her new foster fam.

Polly is a loving dog who desperately wants a forever home. She has a lot of love to give and would make a great companion.

Polly is expected to recover fully and then hopefully get adopted to a loving family who won’t abandon her in a park bench.

The ideal companion for Polly would be someone who enjoys fast food from time to time.

Share Polly’s story; and perhaps, some chicken nuggets too!

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