The magic happens when it zooms – I really believe I can fly!

A viral video of one very fearless dog has captivated the masses on TikTok.

In user @BraydenBushaw’s post, one pet shows its owner who is boss. The dog’s owner asks if it wants to go down the stairs, and then it has a change of heart after making it halfway down the flight.

But the magic happens when it zooms by her, effectively jumping down the stairs and slamming into the wooden steps. “This dog is broken,” the caption says.

Sunday’s post has racked up 3.6 million likes, 64,000 comments and nearly 750,000 shares as of Monday afternoon.

“He said ‘I really believe I can fly,’” one commenter joked, while others inquired if the dog was indeed okay after his wild expedition. “Try putting him in rice,” said another viewer, suggesting the dog could be fixed like an iPhone. (If only being a pet-owner were that easy!)

It’s unclear if any dogs were harmed in the making of this video we should all watch with caution, but this one seems to bounce right back.

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