The Husky Puppy She Rescued Became Her Lifeline Out Of Abusive Relationship

Three years ago, Amanda Trop was 18 and in an abusive relationship when she first met Kyro, one of a litter of orphaned Husky puppies. She volunteered to help raise the puppies and ended up picking Kyro because she “couldn’t resist his chunky puppy belly”. She had no way of knowing at the time, that Kyro would become her lifeline.

Kyro husky was the one spark of light in her increasingly dark and violent life.

Amanda says that her boyfriend was beating her, leaving her with black eyes and isolating her from her family and friends.
“He’d come home from work stressed or upset and I ended up being his punching bag,” Amanda told KIRO 7 News. “You get beaten down and you feel stuck and trapped. I don’t think anybody that hasn’t been in this situation would know how that feels.”

Kyro was a source of happiness and gave her an excuse to get out and away and focus on Kyro’s needs. But one day her abuser punched Kyro near one of his eyes threatening his eyesight and at that very moment everything changed. Amanda left and never went back.


Since that time, Amanda has become a professional photographer and regularly shares photos of her and Kyro’s times together on social media.
She hopes that her story helps encourage others caught in abusive relationships to not give up.