Terrified Stray Refuses To Be Rescued So She Can Defend Her 3-Day-Old Puppy !!!

Once she was safely in his arms, he realized the reason for her fear. She was lactating — meaning that she had a baby nearby.


Petunia’s little puppy was found shortly after in a pile of leaves near some bushes in the lot

She couldn’t have been more than 3 days old. They carefully brought her back to her mom, which helped calm her down.


Hagar was anxious that she was hiding other puppies around the premises, so he led her around to see if she would reveal any other hidden babies.


But she seemed to be fully preoccupied with the the only puppy in sight (whom they’d named Petals).

Satisfied that there were no other hidden hounds around. They took the mother-daughter doggy duo to the vet to get checked.


Both were very healthy pooches and have enjoyed being together, away from streets and lots they were living in.

And soon little Petals will open her eyes and the family will be able to be adopted into a loving home!

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