Terrified Stray Refuses To Be Rescued So She Can Defend Her 3-Day-Old Puppy !!!

Maternal instinct is a powerful feeling that is present in all species of moms. Regardless of whether they themselves are in danger or not, they will jump into action and fiercely defend their babies if they so much as sense trouble.

Mama dogs tend to protect their babies even if simply fending for themselves would be easier, like this poor mother.

They also are naturally wary of strangers, seeing as they are unsure if they are around to help or hurt her family. Stray mother dog Petunia had this very dilemma when rescuers came to retrieve her in a parking lot.

When they first got a hold of her, they weren’t sure why she was so guarded and skittish. That was, until they found her baby nearby, whom she was trying to protect from harm.

Check below to see more Terrified Stray pictures of the rescued parking lot dog duo.


Little gray curly Petunia had been homeless for months and frequented local haunts where people occasionally fed her.

But rescue organization Hope for Paws heard about her and set out to get her off the streets.


They were able to track her down in a parking lot where she was seen all the time.

But she was skittish around unfamiliar people, and quickly took shelter under a car.


Eldad Hagar, founder of the organization, knelt down on hands and knees to find her.

At first she seemed susceptible to touch, then suddenly got nervous and turned to run away.


But Hagar was quick and grabbed her by the leg. Though it may be dangerous to grab a nervous dog by the leg, he quickly and skillfully pulled her out from under the truck before any damage could be done.

The way I always explain it to people who ask about me doing something a little more ‘aggressive’ (like grabbing a leg) is that having this stress for five seconds is worth the lifetime of happiness that is coming ahead of them, he explained to the Dodo.


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