Terrified Dogs Rescued from Under a Trailer after Fireworks Display !!


Fireworks displays can be beautiful things.  However for many dogs they are nothing but a loud, Terrifying noise and bright flash in the sky .

San Antonio celebrates the New Year with fun and fireworks, which were lovely.  But the aftermath for dogs can be disturbing.

The fireworks tend to freak out dogs and displace them as they try to get away from the booming noises.

This can mean stray dogs lose their way, owned dogs bolt from their homes which results in a higher number of dogs in the streets than usual.

We met with Katie Boggs of Katie’s Roadside Rescue and rode along with her to see the fallout of the festivities.

Katie has taken on another full-time job, her non-profit Katie’s Roadside Rescue, but it is a labor of love….for the stray dogs in San Antonio.  After only a few minutes with Katie, it was clear to me how devoted she is to this cause. It was my pleasure to spend time with her and see her in action.


Thanks to Katie’s Roadside Rescue. Some Terrified Dogs that were scared by the New Year’s Eve display were rescued and returned safe and sound.

They went around San Antonio after the celebration was over, and helped to rescue any dogs that were missing.

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Here are the part one and two of the rescue video shot by WA2S Films as a part of the American Strays project for the PBS Network.

Part One: 

Part Two:

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