Update: Terrified bonded Pit Bulls on brink of lifechanging moment!

After being in their foster home for the last four months, pit bulls Bridget and Louie are transformed.

They are no longer sick, skinny, and terrified. Now, they are healthy, they are happy, they are “the perfect mix of lazy and playful” two pit bulls says foster mom Kasey Hersperger.

Now, they are ready for a permanent home. The two should, of course, be adopted together.

Adoptions nearby to the Houston area would be best; farther-flung adopters won’t be ruled out. Kasey tells BarkPost that she also hopes for new people who will be understanding that Bridget and Louie can sometimes be a little uncertain still, can sometimes get a little anxious.

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Yes, it’ll be hard to let Bridget and Louie go. But she can’t wait to see what wonderful things are in store for them — and then, to take in the next foster dog who needs her.

“They have no idea how much more love is still out there,” Kasey says. “And knowing that makes us happy.”

Reach out on the Adventures of Bridget and Louie Facebook page to be considered.

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***Original story***

These two Pit Bulls were given up by their owner and brought to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

They’d been outdoor dogs. Both had mange. The big orange dog was severely underweight, and the smaller pup had a metal collar poking into his neck. Coming into the shelter might have been the best thing that ever happened to them, thus far in life.

The shelter’s rescue coordinator Minda Emas Harris tells us:

Many dogs have lived years outside, with minimal attention. The day they come to the shelter is sometimes the first night they have a roof over their head and a bed to sleep on. The staff pets them, gives treats and attention.

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Things have gotten pretty amazing for them, since. Within a day, the pit bulls —the big orange one now named Bridget, her little friend called Louie—were whisked off to a foster home.

Kasey Hersperger, the doggies’ new foster mom, says she saw their pictures on Facebook and immediately knew that she wanted to help them—help them heal emotionally and physically, and then in time, help them find the perfect family to love them forever.

“These dogs have never had the chance to actually be dogs,” says Hersperger.

They have now. Bridget has commandeered a couch as her favorite nap spot. Louie has (very nearly) conquered his fear of stairs.

Both dogs are now huge fans of treats and cuddles, eagerly joining Hersperger, her partner Tyler Lucas and their two permanent dogs for their early-morning, in-bed cuddle sessions. “All they want is to be loved,” she says.

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Love is in great supply for Louie and Bridget now. They also have the promise of a home and a family of their very own, once they are ready. Which may be in a month, or perhaps a little longer. There’s no rush.

“We are focused on making sure they are ready to succeed in a permanent home, rather than quickly find someone to just take them,” says Hersperger. “They deserve to feel love, a warm home, and to be all-around wanted.”

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Of course all dogs deserve that much. Harris says it’s a daily struggle, witnessing dogs and other pets who haven’t been given these basics.

“These stories always make me sad. Just the fact the everyone doesn’t treat their dogs like valued family members, makes me sad,” says Harris.

Then there is the relief, when Harris is able help give dogs like Bridget and Louie that and so much more. “The good part is there are many, many people willing to step up and do everything needed to find them loving homes,” she says. “I think they have a very bright future.”

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