Terminally ill Man Appeals To Facebook For His Dog, The Reply Was A Shock!

For us dog lovers it is, of course, normal to want to find a loving home for our beloved companion if we were to have a terminal disease, but Walter Hollier really took that that one stage further in his search for a new home for his doggies!

He was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and doctors only gave him around three to six months to live…

Before he passed away he wanted to be absolutely certain his doggies could have the very best home possible!

His Two doggies Doc and Diego were his companions and best friends, they supported him after his wife died of cancer two years previously.

He had promised his wife too that he would look after Doc really well, this was before she passed, so he really had to take action and do something great!

Walter Loves his dogs and really wants the very best for them, even after he passes away!

Walter said:

“One of the last things she told me on her deathbed was, ‘Please take care of Doc’.”

Diego was a lot younger, Walter had already beat the odds as he was passed the six months the doctors said he had left to live!

Walter used his time wisely and he looked for a home the best way he knew, Facebook! He sent out a plea for help…

He said in his post:

“It tears my heart out to lose him. But it would bring me great comfort when I die that he is well taken care of.”

Walter really didn’t know that more than 85,000 would see and respond to his post, then hundreds more would offer to adopt the dog!

Walter said:

“My phone was ringing every six seconds.”

Walter made his decision, he said that one place looked the best option, where there was ample space and a great home for Diego, it was the addiction rehabilitation center for men that was the final choice.

Walter said: “I cried all the way to the highway …It’s way out of in the boonies, and I cried all the way out to the highway.”

Diego in his new home has acres of lovely open land to run and play, he will give support to others like he did to him, how amazing!

At his new home, Diego has acres of land to run around on and he provides support for those at the center, we are so inspired by this amazing selfless act by Walter!

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