Teen Allegedly Shoots and Dumps Dog Because He Said She Had Rabies

To think that a dog might have rabies and to then shoot the dog is very unrelated things as far as we are concerned if a dog really has rabies then surely it’s a qualified professional’s decision to decide?

Subsequently, there have been animal abuse charges brought against the teen, who allegedly shot his dog, ‘point blank’ and in the face.

The teen said that he thought that the dog has rabies and that he really did not have the time to go to the vet…

The doggie concerned, called Gloria survived being shot, poor Gloria in all this!

The media confirmed that the arrest of the 18-year-old, called Harley Mobley, took place and that he is still in custody, there is a bail set of $7,500.

The teen still as yet has not entered a plea, as far as we know, but he will have an answer to the single felony count, although we don’t know if he has a lawyer at this time, if he has, there has been no comments made.

The Saline County Sheriff’s Office says that it alleges Mobley purposefully shot the pit bull mix doggie, in his face, full well knowing that it would cause severe and life-threatening wounds.

The teen supposedly said to the police that he had used a 20-gauge shotgun to shoot the dog and that he said that he believed the dog was showing early signs of rabies, so said the arrest affidavit.

He said in the affidavit that he told the police that he just thought that he would kill the dog as:

“…didn’t have no time for the vet that morning.”

He shot the dog between the eyes and put her at the side of the road, discarded …

Gloria, the poor girl, was found by a passerby, they took her to a vet that was close by, and she was later taken to Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission, Kansas, for further care.

The vet said that the bullet entered her nasal cavity, traveled into her cheek, then to the back of her mouth before coming out of her cheek…

Danielle Reno, CEO of Unleashed Pet Rescue said:

It’s a crime that is an “act of horrid cruelty” and “unthinkably cruel”

Gloria had taken quite a few surgeries to get rid of the remnants of several of her shattered teeth, we are so disgusted about the whole incident, then to leave her by the roadside, surely this is the action of a guilty person?

What do you think ?