Tears Of Joy As Grandma Meets New Pup For The First Time

We know how powerful are animals are, and the power they hold over us emotionally too, but this grandma after losing her faithful friend gets another puppy, we can see how she is overwhelmed with true joy!

This grandmother of 84-years lost her beloved doggie at 14-years-old, just one month back, she is still morning and missing her doggies dearly, lost without her best friend.

She had the dog when her late hubby was still alive, so this doggie she lost was deeply dear to her in so many different ways.

Her family could plainly see that there was a huge hole in her life and that without her four-pawed friend she was so lost, in fact, completely beside herself!

They could not just let her stay like this, they needed to do something, so with some careful consideration, together they decided…

They searched local animal shelters until they found the perfect little pup, a Lhasa Apso called Sammy; he was adorable!

They took the pup to the medical rehabilitation center, their grandma was staying there, she was recovering from some recent health concerns, it was to be a surprise!

Her grandson captured these lovely moments on camera, such lovely moments too, it brought us all to tears to watch and posted it on twitter…

He posted with the clip:

“My grandma lost her dog that she’s had for the past 14 years about a month ago (she was extremely close with her since it was my late grandfather’s dog too) and hasn’t been the same since she passed. Today my mom surprised her with Sammy”

She can’t help but break down into floods of tears, she does not know where to put herself, she is so overjoyed and surprised, we wish we were there to enjoy it with her!

Soon they are hugging each other and we are so completely sure that this match was made in heaven, completely amazing!

We wish her a fast recovery and that these two may enjoy many happy years together, best of luck to a lovely grandma!!

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