“War Dog” the Emotional True Story Documentary of War, Love, and Loss

“War Dog” is a new HBO documentary that spotlights some people that really aren’t used to being spotlighted, it’s a true story about war veterans and the intense bond they share with their four legged friends that served with them.

This production has Channing Tatum and his fellow producers presenting to us a group of people who just are not used to opening up on camera about their experiences…

Tatum said:“I’m a person that has to talk about my life and share my life all the time with people”

“I just can’t imagine what it’s like for these guys who experience these things and are not only not used to talking about it, but they’re not supposed to talk about it.”

You can certainly say though that the documentary will really get you reaching for the box of tissues, no doubt at all!

The basis for the story is that three men who were part of a special group formed connections with their also very brave and faithful dogs and together they did their country proud!

One guy that is featured in the film tried to reunite with his doggies who he hasn’t seen since he was separated from him because he injured himself in action. During the filming the dog was living with the family of a police officer, not surprisingly they were quite reluctant to give the dog back as they have formed a bond too!

In the film, another guy talks about how he feels devastated by the loss of his K9 while on a mission, his heroic friend fallen in his duty. One man tells us about his dog’s role in his post-war life and how they both still feel the weight if their service to their country even now.

With producing partner Reid Carolin, Tatum a self-proclaimed dog lover wanted to raise awareness about the veterans of war and their dogs. When he first heard about the amazing partnership of soldier and dog, serving side by side is sounded really awesome, but seeing those bonds up close was really an eye-opening experience for him.

Tatum said:

“The dogs were so much gentler [than I expected] and not just these machines, killing machines. They were very, very intelligent and highly evolved creatures”

“The connection and bond they had with their handlers just showed how much they weren’t just some animal. They were a being that had thoughts and feelings and a consciousness.”

Seeing what the dogs did for and encouraged helped embody in some of the military’s most elite soldiers was the real surprise for Carolin!

Carolin said:

“You don’t imagine them as these soft, puppy-dog lovable open emotional people who can break your hearts, but the dogs bring this out in these guys”

“They bring out the sides of them that are super vulnerable and really connect us to these people who are serving on our behalf.”

For Carolin, he really hopes that the documentary shows what he felt when making it, Tatum agrees too:

“…the line between animals and humans as a little bit more thin”

“The bonds between man and animal can be just as deep as human-to-human and just as precious”

This documentary-style film is available right now ‘on demand’ from HBO. I don’t know about you but off to go and watch it right now, but before you go, tell all your friends about it too, share the love, it looks completely awesome!

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