Alison Discovers Why Sweet Sadie Kept Getting Returned to the Shelter Like A Yo-Yo!

Sadie had been adopted from the Animal Shelter back in 2014 and at the time nobody expected or even thought she would be back again. Last month, unexpectedly, her family had to give her up and she was brought back to the shelter. Soon enough Sadie was adopted again, but then like a yo-yo she was back again?

You would expect that this would be the end of it, but no – about one week on, she was again brought back to the shelter.

Harris County Animal Shelter in Texas first received Sadie when she was only months old, with her litter family of course! Some photos of Sadie were taken by staff when they arrived at the shelter and the beautiful puppy was very soon after adopted by a lovely family.

This for Sadie wasn’t at all the lifetime family she wanted and needed…

A volunteer for the Animal shelter was there called Ashley Roberts, when Sadie’s family gave her up back to the shelter this last month.


Ashley said:

“Sadie was in a little ball”

“Honestly, I thought she was a stray and they had found her, and that’s why she was so scared. She didn’t even really seem comfortable with the people she was with.”

“We thought we were going to keep her,’” Roberts added. “But they didn’t seem remorseful at all that they were turning her back to the shelter.”

Staff members scanned her microchip to get her ID number and to identify her ov their computer, and Sadie’s picture came up!

Ashley said:

“The member of staff almost broke down into tears”

“He couldn’t even function when he saw her original picture and her coming back now…”

“…being surrendered back to a kill shelter. It was such a stark difference from her confident puppy picture to the dog we saw in front of us. He was almost in tears. I was already crying.”


Before anyone knew it there was another family who was asking about adopting Sadie. The whole staff was so excited, everyone had the same thought, her bad luck had surely finished!

Incredibly after another week, the family returned her, what was going on?

Ashley said:

“I wasn’t there the second time she was surrendered, but the new family said that she kept having little accidents in the house”

“What we think actually happened was that she was so nervous, that it was like a nervous urination.”

It was time for Sadie to take some action so the staff posted Saide on Facebook, in the hopes that she could find a better and more permanent home, somebody that wouldn’t give up on her!

It wasn’t long before a young lady saw the Facebook pictures of Sadie, she asked if she could foster her with the intention of adopting her if it worked out.

Ashley said:

“We try to do adoption counselling and foster counselling so we give these animals and people a better chance of being successful with the adoption”

“.. we very specifically said; Sadie doesn’t need to be around any other dogs for at least a week, just give her some space and give her some time to chill out, she’s been through so much.”


The young Mady just didn’t listen…

Ashley then said:

“She seemed really well-intentioned, and we thought it was going to work out”

“So she took her home, and she’s like, ‘Oh, she’s doing so good.’ And she told her sister, ‘Bring your dog over.’ So her sister brings her dog over, and she attacks Sadie.”

Sadie came back this time to the Shelter for the fourth time, poor Sadie, her neck was a mess of bite wounds!

Ashley said:

“It’s been nothing but bad luck”

“I’ve never seen another dog that’s been returned this many times.”


Sadie needed a helping hand to get back with a family so the staff at the shelter arranged for her to stay in a foster home, thank you Down South Rescue!

Sharon Fanning, director of Down South Rescue, said:

“Sadie is with an experienced foster and she is working with her”

“She is still very scared and doesn’t trust people. However, she has become very attached to her foster mom. It will take time for her to heal mentally and physically. And we will be very picky about who we allow to adopt her.”

Sadie will wait this time to go to just the right person, to love and look after her and know what she needs, let’s all hope like Alison that this time she really does get a well deserved loving family home!!


Ashley said finally:

“She was so sweet in the shelter, I don’t think there’s a mean bone in her body”

“We just want a home where she is loved, and where she is given the time and energy she needs.”

Let’s share this story and encourage anyone who adopts an animal really does consider it carefully first !!

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