Sweet Dog Desperately Seeks A Home, She Can’t Seem To Find Love, Two Years Is Being Stuck In A Shelter!

Being a doggie stuck in a shelter, unable to find a home is really no fun at all, quite the contrary it’s very depressing, so for Diamond who is 9 1/2 years old, it’s really hard…

Diamond arrived it the shelter in 2009, her owners brought her to the shelter in Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, New York when they weren’t able to care for her anymore.

Diamond had lived with her owners since she was a puppy, it was all she knew so changing to live in the shelter really was a great struggle to her.

One of the shelter workers, Fogerty described her as being very nervous, especially when she first arrived and that she had a really hard time adapting to her new shelter routine, she barked and jumped at her bar a lot!

They all did their best to help Diamond settle in and feel as at home as they could help her to feel, giving her love and attention when they could, she did start to calm down slowly.


The kennel supervisor Melissa Fogarty said:

“The people who had her was an older couple, and they basically told us that they couldn’t take care of her anymore …The woman was about 85. I know she was upset because she was trying to convince her two sons to take the dog, and they said they didn’t want her.”

“She’s very sweet …She’ll run up to you when you come into the room. She’s a very friendly dog. She knows all of her commands. She’ll sit there and give you kisses, and then wait for you to give her treats.”

“I see her in our meet-and-greet rooms hanging out with our volunteers and just laying in their laps.”

The shelter is not really a great place for a dog, it’s just a temporary safe halfway house, between homelessness and a real forever home!


Fogarty said:

“It’s kind of a very crazy environment to be in, because all of the dogs are constantly around and dogs are barking, and there are lots of people coming in and out.”

Many of the dogs at the shelter are also pit bull mix breeds like Diamond, and many also are really finding it hard to find homes because of their breeding, most of the residents tend to get adopted around the six months mark though.

Diamond seems really stuck in a rut though and she is one of the longest residents there, what a real great shame!

Fogarty said:

“I think it has to do with that when people walk through this environment, they get very overwhelmed and see a lot of dogs barking and in their faces …With Diamond specifically, she’s a large girl. She’s about 70 to 80 pounds, and not many people are enticed to take an older dog.”

Fogerty told about how last year she really nearly found a home, there was one woman who wanted to adopt her and take her home, but, Diamond was a little too strong for her, the six weeks she had her she didn’t do any training, so it was not really ever going to work out!


Diamond had to come back to the shelter again, this time she was really miserable to have to return again, she really took a big step back, reverting to that nervous scared dog again.

Even though Diamond is a senior the shelter is determined to help her find a forever home.

For an older dog, she really is energetic and really full of life!


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