Suspected ‘Puppy Doe’ Torturer And Convicted Larcenist – Lawyer Wants To Test If The Jury Are Biased?

A dog, so called, “Puppy Doe”, had been found at a playground in Dedham, Massachusetts, desperately trying to stay alive with only her willpower to suffice, she was so badly injured that the only option for her was euthanasia.

Everyone has been waiting for over four years for justice!

The trial of Radoslaw Czerkawski is set to begin and he has lodged a plea of ‘not guilty’, suggesting that the attack had been perpetrated by youths in the park where the puppy was found.

Larry Tipton, a defence attorney, went ahead and asked the judge if he would conduct a poll to find out if the members of the jury would trust the testimony of a witness who had previously been convicted of a crime.

Judge Kenneth Fisherman is scheduled to be presiding over the trial which is set to start on the 24th October.

The Boston Herald says Tipton is trying to find out if the jury is likely to believe a defendant was guilty if he had been convicted of a crime before.

The defendant, Czerkawski, had of course had been convicted of the crime of larceny back in 2015 because he had stolen from a sweet old lady that he had been employed to look after!

For this crime he had been sentenced to between three and five years, it was no small amount, $130,000 he had stolen, but it doesn’t stop there, he also had been convicted for another three to five for taking $4,500 from a parish church in St Lawrence, Bedford, where he had lived for a short time.

The previously convicted criminal appeared in court on Thursday, in chains, a polish translator by his side. Tipton advised the court that he wanted to consider using jurors from out of the county as he felt a local jury would be biased because of the local public knowledge of this man.

On Thursday some more disconcerting news emerged that Czerkawski had photos of dozens of puppies and at least more than one image of cruelty to animals on his personal computer.

He is due to face 12 separate counts of cruelty to animals, and causing heinous injuries to the dog found near Quincy Park, where he had been ‘caring’ for the elderly lady in Quincy.

The Prosecutors painted a detailed picture how Czerkawski had got the dog from Craigslist, free of charge, then spent many weeks torturing the poor animal, repeatedly stabbing her in the eye, cutting her tongue, burning her, and dislocating her limbs.

The horrible things he did were said to be, and only could be described as “medieval torture.”

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