Several Months In The Desert, Days From Death, Then He Saw The Lights In The Dark!

Do you remember in the movies when you see some guy in the desert, on the brink of death, no water… Well, this doggie actually survived in the desert in absolute perishing conditions for months!

The doggie was seen by onlookers running across the Salt Flats of Utah over on Sunday night.

Matt Bently was taking his dog for a walk, doing some off roading activities with his pooch around the western desert to celebrate his third birthday!

When he saw the dog he called to it and came towards him, once he turned his vehicle lights he then really saw what awful condition the animal was in.

He put the dog in his vehicle and took him straight to the vets, then from there the dog got taken to the Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC).


The poor dog is now recovering and slowly gaining his strength slowly each day, with the help of the staff at the rescue center.

Mr. Bentley said:

“I’ve seen something running in the distance, I wasn’t sure what it was at first …It came up to me and you could tell it was friendly, so I grabbed it and put it in the jeep.”

He then went on to say:

“That’s kind of when I realized and it sunk in how bad a shape it was in.”

Mr. Bantly shared his experience and the rescue he made to Facebook, he alluded to the fact that the animal may have to be put down if he could not find a home.

The UAAC Manager, Lila Oulson, said:

said she had “never seen a dog in that bad of a shape” after it was diagnosed with severe cases of mange and malnourishment …She’s scabbed over, she has sores on her, and then she has no fur.”

She added to that and said that the dog, in her opinion had been out in the desert at least three months, probably even more, but, had she been out there just another week longer she really would have died.

During December and January, the desert get below freezing as a matter of course and especially cold after sunset every day!

The Salt Flats in Utah are so desolate that even the tourism website says they are: “so barren not even the simplest life forms can exist”.

Even though the doggie had been enduring months out in the barren Salt Flats, Lila from the rescue center said that the dog was sweet and kind and wants to be around people as much as possible!

Vets aren’t sure if the dog has an owner because they can’t find any evidence to show, either way, they aren’t even sure about the breed or age of the dog because of the skin condition.

Mr. Bentley really was scared that he would be put to sleep, but Lila reassured the news channels that the rescue center are looking to adopt her, Kelly, as soon as she was fit and able.

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