Surprised Veteran Learns He’ll Get His Beloved Dogs Back After Hospital Stay

This is such an unbelievable story that I couldn’t get through the video without crying. Here, we meet an elderly veteran from Delaware who, back in September of 2015, suffered a heart attack. Due to his necessary hospital stay, the man was unable to care for his two beloved dogs, Bailey and Blaze.

Enter the First State Animal Center and SPCA, a shelter located inside a PetSmart store. The shelter volunteered to take care of Bailey and Blaze until the owner (whose name has not been identified) was released from the hospital and back on his feet. But weeks went by. Still, the man was too ill to care for the dogs, and so the pups were eventually put up for adoption. But fate had plans of its own. When the owner was released from the hospital, he breathed a heavy sigh of relief; surprisingly, Bailey and Blaze were still sitting there in the shelter.

veteran dogs 1
veteran dogs 1

So the man went to the shelter with every intention of getting his dogs back — but he needed a few more days to gather up the adoption fees ($250) needed to do so. The next day, he returned to the shelter, still needing more time to collect the money.

But little did the old veteran know that a huge surprise was in store — and now the footage is going viral. Scroll down to see what happened next…

When a veteran was released from the hospital after suffering a heart attack, he went to the shelter to visit his two beloved dogs. Too much time had passed since he’d been able to care for them, so the shelter had to put Bailey and Blaze up for adoption.


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