Superhero Hurricane Cowboy Comes To The Rescue In Florence’s Wake.

Hurricane Florence’s wake really forced many to leave their homes, and no one knows better than ‘Hurricane Cowboy’ …the need to save abandoned animals!

Patrick Mckann, a 42-year-old Virginia horse trainer rescued six horses in the past week alone, with the help of friends, not to mention the two donkeys and two guinea fowl and chickens they saved too!

This guy, Mckann, got his name from the folks in Texas for how he helped them out last year after Hurricane Harvey. He, and his friend have now also joined the rescue efforts in Burgaw, North Carolina.

They arrived at the town of Wilmington and met with other volunteers from Harvey, Sean Irion, and Malachai Huffman.

In a group together they all were determined to get to the worse affected areas and save animals that would have otherwise drowned or starved to death.

One of the biggest questions for hurricane survivors is, ‘What do we do now?’

Mckann’s answer to that question is:

“We just do what we can do”

The guys took a sensible and cowboy approach to the rescue work and said:

“As cowboys, we just said let’s get in a huddle and say, ‘You get a rope, I’ll do this and get a handle this way,’ “

There was a guy, a vet who had his truck flooded, he really needed their help and they were right there for him!

They said about Mckann:

“The vet had sunk her truck in high water …(While) they checked on her, we roped two donkeys.”

“We pulled them back to safety …They actually pulled us for a while.”

‘That’s him! That’s the Hurricane Cowboy!’

Being around animals all his life, and “cowboying” since being a little boy, he told the news that at 5 he started riding horses, and at 14 he raced them. Then by 17-years-old, he had moved to bulls and broncos!

In fact, Mckann said:

“I bought a new truck and was listening to CNN on Sirius radio …They were talking about flooding and people down there (in the Houston area). I had this new truck and a trailer … so that’s when I said, ‘Well, I guess I’m going down there.’ “

With his trailer full of supplies that were donated by friends and people in the community, he drove 1,200 miles to SE Texas to help rescue animals in need.

He even drove home again, filled up with supplies and then drove them back again n he said that they put 25,000 miles on the new truck!

One volunteer said she wanted to give her donations to the “Hurricane Cowboy.” and well the name looks like it stuck!!

There was one time that, in Conway, they got to work after a man told them that three of his horses had been trapped.

They put their skills straight to the test, no hanging about…

They had to walk 4 miles, said Mckann, pretty much in the floodwater, but they actually managed to ride the three horses out to safety!

Some people are truly special and this guy is just one of those people, we hope that if we ever got in trouble a true superhero like this would come to save us too, well our pets and us too!

Gepostet von Patrick Mckann am Mittwoch, 26. September 2018

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