George Bush’s Service Dog Sully Is Paying A Last Tribute

One thing about dogs, about the many things, that we find amazing and precious is how a dog can learn to care for our individual needs better than a human can…

President George HW Bush, has a Labrador, his service dog, pictured here beside him, beside his coffin, in a touching tribute to a great man, that was his owner.

President Bush served as the 41st US president between the dates of 1989 to 1993, and he died late on Friday at the ripe old age of 94-years-old.

His lovely doggie will be riding with the coffin on a flight traveling from Texas to Washington DC in what we can only describe as deeply touching.

There will be a day of national morning while his casket rests in the state, a legacy comes to an end.

The casket is traveling its journey to Washington on Air Force One, it will be renamed temporarily as Special Air Mission 41 in respect for the late President as he is transported;

Sully will be going with his master every step of the way.

Jim McGrath, Mr. Bush’s spokesman Tweeted the pictures of Sully next to President Bush’s casket, with the caption “Mission Complete”!

Many Tweets thanked Sully for his service too, and his commitment and the general loyalty dogs have towards their owners, a quality that is truly special!

As it happens Sully has an interesting reason behind his name, he is called after the airline pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who was the person to land a passenger jet on the Hudson River back in 2009, he saved all 155 passengers and crew on board too, amazing!

The lovely Labrador is two-years-old and was assigned as a service dog to President Bush, who needed a wheelchair in his last years, and had parkinson’s disease.

Sully is clever and super highly trained too, he can do some pretty complex jobs, he can open doors and bring items back on command, he can even get the phone when it rings; what a clever dog!

He will go on and continue his work as a service dog, now working by helping rehabilitate wounded soldiers.

Sully even has his own Instagram account and can be seen helping President Bush cast his ballot in the last month’s election.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a dog, but maybe one day that might change for him too, what will come to pass we don’t know…

President Bush will rest with his wife Barbara Bush who passed away some months ago at the presidential library in Texas.

Sully, we hope you have a lovely life and continue your great and amazing work with us mere humans, be it a former president or a soldier.

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