Mom Takes Stray Pup To Kill Shelter, Son’s Tears Reveal The Truth!?

We ask ourselves could there be worse than abandoning a pup at a shelter and the answer is of course, but a little unexpected could be the even worse fate of putting a puppy into a kill shelter, well that’s what seems to happen…

We are not entirely sure about what happened and while it’s great to know the full story how could anyone explain how they would abandon a sweet nine-month-old puppy in a kill shelter, and even try to say that it was a stray!

A mom and her son of 12 years old took a puppy into the shelter, the mom said that they found a stray, but her son’s tears and how he acted about the puppy gave away what was really happening!

Mom claimed that the puppy was a stray they found, turns away, without any heart and just walks away, cold… but her son can’t just leave so quickly!

He seemed devastated by leaving the puppy there, he is attached to her and wants to know what will happen to her after they leave.


Are they going to treat the mange on her face? Will they contact them before they took a decision to euthanize her, he turned around, in the end, and walked away leaving his friend there, no other choice was left to him.

It really doesn’t take a genius to see that the puppy was a family pet and to disguise her shame she covers up the truth about the puppy…


The shelter says that the puppy is:

“…about seven-months-old, sweet and submissive.”

It always completely baffles us why on earth people get a dog at all if they either can’t care for it or won’t properly care for it, but every year these scenarios play out over and over!


The puppy is now just another statistic, her last chance now is for someone to find her adopt her and take her home with them.

With this one, we really wish we could have known the whole story,n the truth behind it all, but it looks like we will probably never know the real truth, why in the world anyone would not want a beautiful pup like this we have no clue!

We do know that the beautiful little pup was rescued by another organization and she will at least be safe and find a forever home somewhere!

If you know anything about this tell us in the comments below, we would really love to know what you think actually happened?

What do you think ?