What stray dogs in Moscow learned how to do has researchers completely baffled!

Of all the pets that people can own, dogs are some of the smartest. Ask any dog owner you know, and they’ll tell you how often their pet’s personality and loyalty play into their lives every day.

This is why they are such a popular addition to families.

Anyone who has ever doubted the intelligence and resourcefulness of man’s best friend need only take a look at the Russian capital of Moscow to see the truth.

In addition to being home to the Kremlin, Moscow houses upwards of 35,000 stray dogs. But it’s what these dogs have learned to do that’s truly remarkable… and it’s baffling animal researchers!

Dogs are some of the smartest and most loyal animals any pet lover can own, and you can bet that anyone who owns one will immediately stand by that statement!

stray dogs

Dogs have distinctive personalities, just like humans, and they’re quite smart, too.

One city that knows all about the intelligence of dogs is Moscow, Russia. Not only are dogs a popular pet there.

But Moscow is also home to roughly 35,000 stray dogs that roam the streets and live among the residents.

stray dogs

“In Moscow, there are all sorts of stray dogs, but… there are no stupid dogs,” Dr. Andrey Poyarkov told ABC.

That must be true, as the dogs of Moscow’s streets have learned to do something amazing. Can you guess what it is?

stray dogs

Why, they’ve learned to ride public transit, of course! For commuters in the Russian capital, it isn’t all that uncommon to share a seat with a canine.

In fact, it’s become a normal part of people’s daily commute. No one even bats an eye when they see a dog taking a quick nap.

stray dogs

The dogs have mastered the massive subway system, hustle and bustle included, and use it to travel to the most fertile “hunting” ground in the center of the city.

The dogs know exactly where they need to go, and they get there efficiently!

stray dogs

Once the dogs arrive, they immediately disperse all over the area in search of food. Most of them arrive rather hungry, so they are intent on finding what they came for.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in Moscow, and everyone has to fend for themselves.

stray dogs

Researchers say that the dogs’ use of the transit system is evidence of their possession of what’s called flexible open-ended reasoning and conscious thought.

They are essentially able to understand complex ideas, such as the subway systems, like humans do.

stray dogs

The dogs have also been seen obeying traffic signals and employing a variety of tactics to procure food from humans.

They know that humans are some of their best chances to obtain food; if they rely too heavily on leftovers in the trash, they might be out of luck.

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