Stray Dog Falls For Soldier In War Zone, She Flips Out When She Sees Him At The Airport

Nick Pierzchalski, an National Guard MedEvac pilot is very familiar with the war and its terrible nature!

Nick’s job as a pilot was to fly helicopters, evacuating emergency medical cases, like wounded soldiers back to safety and treatment.

Nick has saved countless lives, there is no doubt at all there! However the sort of job he has leaves him feeling pretty down, until Airys came along that is!

Remembering the first time he came to meet Airys the stray dog, Nick said: – “This dog ran up to me, ran up to our group, and befriended us immediately,”

The dog, a stray who looked like a mix breed with a shepherd was in the zone where Nick was posted to. When Nick met Airys she became the torch to guide his way through the darkness.

After Nick built her a kennel in the hangar they became very close, practically inseparable.

He said:

“It brought great morale to me and the whole group felt like a piece of home”

“She’d hang out with us. She was constantly with us.”

When the time finally came to return back to Florida, back home, Nick knew he would have to leave her, he had to go home without her, however, the team knew it would be much better for him to take her home with him.

They sought the help of the International organization ‘SPCA’, and they made it happen for Nick!

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