Stray Dog In L.A. Is Living All By Himself, Healthy And Happy For 13 Years!

Rarely, there are seemingly some cases where doggies can live by themselves and survive well, albeit from the kindness of people, so much so, that they become almost wild again, doing what they want every day!

In this case of this doggie, living in A Los Angeles neighborhood for 13 years, cared for by everyone in the neighborhood, and doing pretty well!

One of the neighbors, John Hwang, said that the first time he saw the dog in the park was about 5 years ago, at the time he was walking his own dogs.

John said to the news that back when he first saw the dog, each time he approached it, the dog would just run away, he wanted to stay where he was!

John loved closer to the park in 2017, he visited it daily and also saw the dog regularly too, all the locals seemed to be caring for it, something they have been doing for the last 13 years!

stray dog

And John said:

‘I’ve seen how people leave bowls of food and water for him, and leftovers.”

John is a photographer and by his profession is more observant than the average person, he runs the documentary project, called Skid Row Stories.

He also said that the dog aimlessly wanders through the park and doesn’t bother anyone at all; not even other animals, and also never barks either!

My rescue groups have tried to bring the dog in and rescue him, even Hope for Paws, but this doggie really manages to evade them all, he wants to stay where he is!

stray dog

John managed to get close enough to the doggie to take some lovely pictures of him this week, maybe he was posing for the pictures just a little bit.

This stray dog certainly seems to both be in good condition and well fed too, you can see that this doggie is right at home in the park and under the trees and of course greeting all the locals too.

stray dog

John said:

“This dog is just very robust, resilient and smart … He lives a very free life. Like a hippie dog”

John in his Facebook post wrote that the dog has been a stray for over ten years and considered wild again!

Maybe he was left behind when owners moved on and left him behind in the process…

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