This Stray Dog Had A Horrifying Disease, But Looks COMPLETELY Different After She Rescued Him!

There are over a million stray animals wandering the streets of Mexico City.

It’s a huge, unacceptable number and it’s enough to overwhelm most people into thinking the problem is beyond the point where one person could make a difference.

But as you’re about to see, one person is all it took to change (and save) the life of one poor miserable stray.

Saving Boby

This is the story of Boby. Animal rights activist Dalia Gamez found Boby on the streets, seriously malnourished and covered in cancerous tumors.

Instead of walking past him like countless others had that day, she decided that she would take a chance on him. At the very least, she could try and ease his suffering. She gave him his name and rushed him to the vet, which prescribed chemotherapy treatments for the tumors.

Boby was a young dog, less than 2 years old, but in his malnourished and weakened state, nobody knew if he would pull through the aggressive treatment.

Touch And Go

The treatment was very hard on Boby. He had to receive 8 rounds of chemotherapy over a two month period. Dalia did her best to nurse Boby back to health, giving him plenty of love along the way. She also began sharing Boby’s journey back to health on social media.

Dalia says there were a few times it seemed like Boby might not pull through, but incredibly, the tumors started to shrink. Soon, Boby had more energy and was even growing a new shiny coat!

A New Dog

Two months later, Boby looks and behaves like a completely different dog. He has become something of a celebrity throughout the neighborhood, so when Dalia decided it was time to find him a permanent home it took no time to find him a loving family.

Here’s hoping it’s all biscuits and bones from here on for Boby!