Stray Dog Frozen to the Floor In Fear, Then An Amazing Transformation Happens!

One place that seems to be really knee deep in stray dogs in Los Angeles, they ran away or got dumped, but one of these dogs really was in need more than any other, and one rescue organization was right there to help…

More people could take advantage of spay and neuter programs then the problem would not multiply day by day…

There are though, some really great rescue groups that work endlessly to save and re-home as many animals as they can, to get them off the streets and keep them safe…

Hope for Paws is one of those rescue institutions that go to dangerous places that are just ignored or forgotten by everyone else, thank goodness!

This one dog, who was given the name Odin, lived his days on a construction site, there were several deep ditches, a real danger, especially if you fell down one of them.

stray dog

Thankfully someone called Hope For Paws, who of course came straight out to help, even though they ken that the dog would be a real challenge to get to safety!

Eldad and Loretta arrived there and it’s evident that Odin is really scared, in fact, he was paralyzed with fear at this stage, he doesn’t even stand up or run from the rescuers!

Hope for paws, as always has a plan of action, with a gate to block off any of the escape routes, then they feed him tasty cheeseburger to keep him distracted and calm…

With their signature red leash around his neck he still really doesn’t want to move at all though, he is frozen to the spot…

stray dog

The person who called Hope for Paws came out to help too, they put Odin on the very large and safe cage to transport him to the animal rescue, but again getting him inside was going to prove a real work!

stray dog

We really don’t know how long Odin had been loving in the dirt and mess, but he gets the greatest present of all, he is so happy it’s hard to put into words…

Another pup, saved by Hope for Paws, it really changed the path of his life and the transformation of this pup was so incredible in such a short time it hardly seems like the same dog, amazing, see it in the video below to see!!

stray dog

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