This stray dog followed athletes for 430 Miles for a chance to have a better life

When all you’ve ever known is survival, the smallest act of kindness can change your entire world. In this story, that life-changing gesture was a simple morsel of food offered to a hungry stray dog.

The events that grew from one sympathetic deed made headlines the world over and warmed the hearts of millions.

Three years later, we are still fascinated by the story of Team Peak Performance and a dog named Arthur.

Mikael Lindnord was leading his team of extreme athletes through the grueling challenges of the 2014 Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador.

stray dog

On day four, they stopped for a meal just before embarking on a 20-mile trek through the rain forest.

Lindnord popped open a can of Swedish meatballs. As he ate, he noticed a thin, filthy stray dog with a large wound on its back.

stray dog

Overcome with pity, he tossed the stray dog a bit of food.

The pooch, who would eventually be given the name King Arthur by the four members of Team Peak Performance, refused to leave their sides from that moment on.

stray dog

No matter where they went or what exhausting task they were performing, Arthur endured.

At first, they tried to shoo him away, fearing for his safety through the harsh terrain.

stray dog

As they approached a particularly treacherous challenge, a 36-mile kayak race across the coast, Lindnord put his foot down.

There was simply no way to bring Arthur along. But as the team set off into the dark, freezing waters, Arthur splashed in and waded alongside the kayak.

stray dog

Lindnord pulled him to safety and finally accepted that Team Peak Performance had a permanent fifth member.

Spectators along the banks broke out in spontaneous applause as Arthur took his rightful place beside his teammates.

stray dog

All tolled, the devoted dog followed the team through 430 miles of deep mud, mountain passes and just about every kind of physical challenge you can imagine.

Lindnord’s crew didn’t win the championship, but they did learn an incredible lesson about strength of spirit and the enduring power of love.

stray dog

Arthur suffered several injuries and exhaustion as a result of the six day voyage.

A PayPal account set up by Team Peak Performance was flooded with donations from fans around the world offering their support to help take him back to Sweden.

stray dog

Acquiring the necessary paperwork to get Arthur home proved to be nearly as challenging as the physical competition, but eventually Lindnord succeeded.

Arthur was treated for his wounds, and after four months of quarantine, he finally arrived at his new home.

stray dog

Lindnord says he strolled through the door as if he’d been there a hundred times before.

He and Arthur have since hung up their racing shoes in order to focus on family life.

stray dog

But they still enjoy a good hike or a ride in the kayak together!

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