Woman gave this stray dog a home to die in, but a remarkable event happened instead!

Billy, a stray dog didn’t have a great outlook. He had been neglected nearly to the point of death, and if it weren’t for one dedicated woman, he would have certainly died.

But in the nick of time, this emaciated, sick stray dog found a savior. Valia Orfanidou runs a pet rescue/fostering organization called “The Orphan Pet.”

And she’s learned that the greatest thing she can do for her beloved canine friends is let them go.

After rescuing sad cases like stray dog Billy, Orfanidou rehabilitates them, brings them back to health, trains them to be good home companions, and then watches them walk out of her life.

People who read her story and see her videos often ask, “Why don’t you keep him? How can you let him go after all he’s been through. He loves you!”

stray dog

While that’s certainly true, she knows that if she kept them all, the love that she has would have to stop at the dogs already in her home. But her mission is to love them to a better life and then love the next one, too.

“Fostering is about letting go. It’s about preparing the dog for his forever home.” says Orfanidou.

Billy was obviously an Orfanidou fan. He trusted her and showed his appreciation with a wagging tail, a quick lick and an adoring look. But could he transfer that trust to another family after all he’d gone through?

“Dogs have an amazing capacity to live in the present,” said Orfanidou. They don’t dwell on the past or think about the future. Today, this moment is what life is all about.

Maybe we could all stand to take a page out of Billy’s life.


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