Stray dog crashed their wedding – They Adopted Him!

A stray dog strolled up to the wedding of Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins in Brazil last month and made a fast first impression with the happy newlyweds.

He went from wedding crasher to best friend.

Snoop, as he came to be known, found shelter from a rainy day during Martins and Pieroni’s wedding ceremony in Laranjal Paulista, Brazil, according to the Dodo.

Despite the attempts of guests to shoo him away, Snoop kept coming back, and during the couple’s vows, plopped right down on Pieroni’s white lace wedding veil. He promptly fell asleep, and the bride and groom resumed their vows.

“The dog entered and laid down to sleep on my veil,” Marília said.

Pieroni said she didn’t mind the crafty canine’s muddy paws on her veil.

“It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals,” she said. “I liked it very much.”

The dog was permitted to stay and party for the rest of the evening but as the rain and the festivities wound down, he skittered off into the night.

The couple felt such a connection to the pup that they enlisted the help of the community to track him down.

A week later, Pieroni and Martins were tipped off to his whereabouts, and adopted him.

Before long, the couple reencountered the dog, whom they’ve named Snoop: “He came home, and I showered him,” Marília said. “He played a lot, ate, drank water. He is very happy and slept super good the first night.”

Talk about a yappy ending!

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