Strangled By A Chain So Tight, Fighting To Stay Alive, Saved At The Last Moment!

To see any animal suffering is not nice at all, but to see an emaciated doggie is really such an awful and saddening sight, this dog was seriously malnourished, she could not even stand any more…

To say she was on a short leash would be a complete understatement, she was chained up so tightly that she could barely lay down, her head would not reach the floor even.

Her head would just hang from the chain as she may down, so drained that she had no fight left in her at all hardly.

Her name was Cala and being kept like she was, as some sort of guard dog, next to where a mechanic lived in San Jose, Costa Rica was going to be the end of her.

The mechanic rarely gave Cala any food, and he didn’t really care enough to even take her to the vet when she got sick either.

Cala’s situation grew worse as did her health, each day was harder and harder for her, the agony of the hunger alone must have been awful for her, she was even struggling to breathe properly.

There was no doubt that if things continue like this that she was going to die there attached to that chain, the life draining out of her hour after hour…

The neighbors saw Cala and they spoke to the local police, and also to a team at the Territorio de Zaguates, an awesome local dog sanctuary, caring for hundreds of dogs, they could save her!

Lya Battle, founder of Territorio de Zaguates, said:

“I felt desperately sad and frustrated …The picture I first saw of her showed a pitiful creature robbed of its dignity and ready to give up, a dog whose spirit had been broken and was just waiting for the end to come while living a never-ending nightmare.”

The police in combination with the sanctuary took Cala from the place she was, took her to a vet to get her checked over straight away, she had deep would where the chain was against her neck for so long.

The sanctuary took her in to recover physically but much more than that she really needed time and love to recover emotionally too.

Lya went on to say:

“Her healing process was slow, and the humans around her still had to cause her pain through the curing of her wounds, especially the gash in her neck caused by years of hanging from a tight metal chain around her neck.”

“Nursing her was as painful for her as it was for us, but eventually she understood that after the pain came to love and treats, so she learned to deal with it like a champ.”

Cala recovered slowly, she wasn’t too happy about the other dogs at first, but slowly with food and lots of love she started to really heal inside and out!

Lya said again:

“We saw Cala go from a weak, feeble animal, too depressed to care, to a stronger creature willing to stand up for herself”

“With time, we also got to see that willful creature incorporate play and goofiness into her daily routine.”

“With every day that passed, we saw more of her personality come through. She went from fearing humans to trusting them and even ‘bugging’ them for attention.”

Cala had even more hardships ahead of her though, during June there were some malicious people put poisoned sausages in the sanctuary, it killed 16 dogs, Cala had eaten a sausage too, but she fought and survived!

Cala surviving was pure fate, she was a real survivor, the sanctuary was devastated about the other dogs that died, so sad for all involved.

Cala then was moved into a foster home, to get more individual love and care, to be loved and give love and grow and get ready for a forever home.

Lya rescues many dogs but thinks that this story is really one of the most uplifting, how she survived it all when the odds were so against her, we agree!

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